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Remodelling Orthosis for Kids (ROK)

What makes the ROKband different from a traditional helmet? It is effective! Our studied and published outcomes for symmetry improvement, baby comfort and family satisfaction scores routinely outperform what literature has reported for traditional helmets. 100% of surveyed parents said they would choose our ROKband program to treat their baby's head shape again, if needed.

Choose Lightweight Baby Helmets That Allow Your Baby to Play Free
An Environmentally Friendly Baby Head Shape Helmet Made of Biodegradable Materials
Our Baby Helmet for Flat Head Babies Has Engineered Ventilation


Less than 1/2 the weight of traditional foam and plastic helmets and 1/3 the thickness. ROKband is a lighter weight and low profile band not hindering range of motion, allowing your baby to play free and help with the normal development of gross motor milestones.



Biodegradable materials, low energy fabrication techniques and 95% less manufacturing waste means a hugely reduced environmental impact compared to that of a traditional helmet.



Engineered ventilation helps to keep baby comfortable and healthy. Tests show that compared to traditional foam and plastic helmets our bands are 4° cooler inside.
Less perspiration means less prone to skin problems such as rashing and less odour during and after band wear.


ROKband is FDA-cleared, and has undergone rigorous safety and bio-compatibility tests. 


Orthopaedic padding to provide all day all night comfort and reduced band movement.


Custom made based on your child's exact 3D head scan.
Real-time feedback – The 3D image emerges on screen as you scan.
Quicker lead times means we can fit within 5 business days.

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