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Cranial Remolding Orthoses (CRO) encourage the skull to become symmetrical and/or proportional by holding areas we don’t want to grow and promote growth into the void areas. The CRO’s do not squeeze the babies head into shape, rather provide space for the flattened area of the skull to grown into. Cranial remolding orthoses derive their name from their purpose — symmetry through active remolding.

A Thorough Physical Exam at Our Clinic Can Determine If Your Baby Needs a Plagiocephaly Helmet
Baby Helmet Therapy Remolds Your Child's Head By Providing Space for Flattened Areas to Grow Into


Once we have a carried out an assessment of your baby’s head shape we discuss the best options moving forward for your baby.

  1. If there are no medical or cosmetic concerns, we provide education on repositioning products and/or techniques and would suggest discharge.

  2. If the head shape is not severe for the age of child but there is potential for concern, we provide education on repositioning and offer a re-scan appointment to track the progress of your child's head shape.

  3. If the head shape asymmetry requires intervention, we will discuss our ROKband Treatment Program with the family and explain how to enrol into treatment.

After a Free Assessment, We'll Provide the Best Options for Your Newborn's Head Shape
If Your Baby Would Benefit from Our Program, We'll Provide Your Child With a Flat Head Helmet


Based on an initial consultation, mild deformities will be documented and monitored. We would recommend a ROKband if skull deformity is moderate to severe. The optimal time for intervention is 3 – 6 months, however infants can be treated up to the age of 18 months, provided their cranial sutures are still open. 

The ROKband Treatment Program Involves Fitting Your Baby With a Cranial Helmet
A ROKband Head Shaping Helmet Can Help with Moderate to Severe Deformities
The Optimal Time to Reshape the Head of a Brachycephaly Baby Is 3-6 Months
See How We Can Help With Deformational Plagiocephaly Using a Baby Head Helmet
We're Known Nationwide as Canada's Leading Pediatric Headshape Clinic
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